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Affiliate Program
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What we do is pretty simple. Basically we do graphic design, photography, video production and web pages. Just about anything having to do with audio visual media production and advertising. We also promote artists, sell standard products like your favorite movies, music, cell phones, ect. As well as market specialized products that we produce.

We pay you a minimum of 11% for every referral that you send us. It's that simple. If they buy a dvd you get 11%. If they make a music video or TV commercial you get 11%. Just send them to us we will make the sale.

We track telephone sales by your name and we track electronic sales by your tracking number which is provided when you sign up. We pay out in a couple of ways. Either by check or through your paypal account which you get when you sign up. We pay every month regardless of how big or small your earnings are. What you earn is up to you. The more people you talk to, give flyers to, send to the web site, the more sales you get. It doesn't matter where you live or who you know you can make money with our system.

For more information & step by step instructions choose CAREERS from the main menu.

Get paid right to your PayPal Account. It takes 3 minutes to set up. Sign up for everything at once!

NOTE: All sales tools are provided by us.More Seket Aanru sales tools will be available soon.