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Music Recording & Marketing

Get your favorite CD's here. Live instrumentation and digital arrangments for almost any any genre are available through a network of music professionals.

Welcome to "The Portal" & "Run.exe". The newest and most cutting edge. Film clips, music and software trends.

Two of our marketing vehicles for emerging artists of all types. Contact us to have your material included in the next release.

Run.exe is a combination of the hottest remixes, photos and video clips Seket Aanru has to offer. Play the audio tracks or put the enhanced CD in your computer get the whole experience.

Good & Evil, the album was released on March 11, 2003. As a follow up to the "Intro & Unmastered Recordings".

This album has much better production, 17 tracks plus three skits. We are also introducing two new artists.

We will be releasing Run.exe Volume 4 in the first quarter of 2006. So get your demo's to us if you want to be included.

Click the picture to purchase all your favorite music and movies.
All types of music projects are welcome.