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Seket Aanru specializes in media production for artists and businesses. Photography and layout design for print advertisements have been a main source of income since 1993. Video and film production were added in 1995 in order to meet the growing demands of our customers. In 1996, we began producing music for several local artists and in 2001 we became a full fledge record company with all the components to create, publish and distribute any audio, print or film project.

Our partial client list includes: Glynn Jackson productions, Harvey Washington Productions, Rocafella Records, Hummer, Cadillac, N.O.A.A., Honey Magazine, Citibank & The Army Corp of Engineers.

On July 31, 2002, Seket Aanru Records, based in Washington, DC began marketing a 2003 release with a compilation CD titled, "The Intro & Unmastered Recordings". This promotional CD contains 12 tracks that for different reasons didn't seem to have commercial appeal. The release was only intended to be a stopgap until Good & Evil the album is completed and released in the spring of 2003.

But to our dismay, within three months the local bootleggers had gotten a hold of it and were selling it all over the city as a finished product. They were taking songs and adding them to all sorts of underground mix tapes. It looked like a financial nightmare. A half completed project being snapped up by the market before we could get paid. All we could do was try to see the bright side.

Fortunately, when the bootleggers duplicated the CD they also copied the cover art, which contained our contact information. And in some weird distortion of the truth, their sales gave the record and the company the street credibility it needed.

Seket Aanru Records has been receiving orders for "The Intro" and "Good & Evil" from record stores from DC to California. What looked like a write off has generated more publicity than a small record label could afford without a major distributor.

We currently have two major projects scheduled for release this year; Good & Evil the album will be in stores on March 11th and a paperback titled "Honor Amongst Thebes", is slated for release December 19. Question Reality the DVD is downloadable at and Honor Amongst Thebes the movie is in preproduction. More details coming shortly.
Photography, Film & Video Production Services
If you can imagine it we can do it. From still photography for modeling portfolios and product shots for print advertisments to TV commercials, 3D Annimations, music videos and live event coverage.

Photography starting at $199 for modeling portfolios.

Video editing, photo retouching and flyer design start @ $25.00 per hour.

Call for a price quote.

Music Recording & Marketing
Live instrumentation and digital arrangments for almost any any genre are available through a network of music professionals.

Welcome to "The Portal" & "Run.exe". The newest and most cutting edge. Film clips, music and software trends.

Two of our marketing vehicles for emerging artists of all types. Contact us to have your material included in the next release.

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Artist Development & Business Marketing Services
Effective Marketing Solutions
$ 199.00
Honor Amongst Thebes
The first in a series of novels based on the Seket character.
$ 18.00
Honor Amongst Thebes DVD--Volume 10
How to get the movie preview & downloads.
$ 21.99
Gifts & Gear
Posters, T-shirts, gifts & more...
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Affiliate Program
Get paid to talk!
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Are Music, TV & Movies Influencing Your Children?
Insightful documentary tries to answer the question.
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